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Swiss Apple Stem Cell Cleanser
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4 Active Ingredients: Apple Stems Cells: Extracted from Uttwiler Spatlauber, a rare Swiss apple tree, these Apple Stem Cells are long-living tissue stem cells that function like human stem cells to maintain and repair skin tissues. When incorporated into skin care, Apple Stem Cells activate cell regeneration, boosts cell longevity, protects cells from environmental stress such as UV damage and also combats ageing. Let this unique plant extract be part of your skin today. Papaya Enzymes: This Rejuvenating enzymes gently break down proteins found in dead skin cells, acting like a natural skin exfoliator. Papaya Enzymes also aid in the removal of impurities as well as the reduction of dark spots and blemishes to reveal a healthy and glowing complexion from within. Pineapple Enzymes: An anti-Inflammatory agent that prevents breakouts and reduces redness, Bromelain Enzymes found in pineapples exfoliate and cleanse the skin while strengthening it with its natural antioxidant vitamins. Say good bye to dull skin and hello to soft and supple skin! Bacillus Subtillus: Obtained through the fermentation of Bacillus subtilis, Subtilisin is a natural protease enzymes which dissolves protein impurities and accelerates cell renewal. It is used industrially for the production of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid plays an important role in improving skin elasticity and strengthening its protective barrier, which retains moisture to give the skin a hydrated, youthful appearance. It has 8 benefit: • Whitening effects • Reduces black spot and blemishes • Remove fine luies and reduces wrinkles • Reduces pores size • Skin refining • Lifting effects • Remove and prevent black head • Remove makeup

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